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Family Business Office® (“FBO”) is a multi-client family office advisory firm that provides comprehensive family office services to our client families. We provide high level management and interfaces between our families, their children, their business enterprises, and their professionals. FBO’s primary task is to provide a confidential environment within which to identify, implement, and resolve issues based on the specific needs and goals of each family. We are experts at understanding and advising our client families based on repetitive actual experience with similar family issues, and we protect our affluent clients from intrusion by unapproved or non-credible interests outside the family circle.


Family Business Office has been active for 30+ years. We are retained to resolve conflicts as they arise, I realize there is substantial value to having a more global approach to the families and their desires and directive. Being involved in all aspects of the family and its daily operation has enabled me to assist in navigating a course to achieve results while minimizing adversarial intervention. The FBO model creates a proactive, rather than reactive approach; something generally not inherent in issue solving.

We pride ourselves on enabling the family and the business enterprises to run smoothly toward goals set by the family. TRUST is our greatest asset. We always act in your best interest. Our network of professionals can resolve most every family and business issue. Our experience permits our firm to foresee serious obstacles which might be new to you, and are typically events we have dealt with many times.It is our desire, our teamwork, and our professional network that provide the catalyst for your family’s protection and successful future.


FBO provides the highest level of trust in identifying, evaluating, advising, and solving family and business issues. We move quickly to identify existing and potential legal, business, and familial conflicts, and address their immediate and efficient resolution. We offer strategic guidance to protect the family and its business enterprises by creating a path to the family’s future using 30 years of witnessing the actions and outcomes of family wealth dynamics. We want the honesty and character with which we act on your behalf to become part of your family’s many attributes.


A Team of Experienced and Caring Professionals. FBO is administrated by a professional staff whose goals are to protect the clients’ assets and help our clients meet their objectives. We accomplish these goals with professionalism and awareness of the unique requirements of each family. Confidentiality is highly regarded. You will become comfortable trusting each of the FBO administrators with your concerns. Richard Watts is the primary advisor, a licensed attorney in the State of California with over 35 years of experience and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. FBO administrators have combined experiences of over 75 years in legal and administrative matters. Contact FBO for more information.