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FBO Is Part of the Family’s Team and Does Not Replace Existing Family Professionals

FBO builds a team atmosphere which generates a family business ethic of organizational excellence, follow through, and fairness. This involves a reciprocation of FBO becoming integrated into the family’s personal and business concerns, and the family permitting FBO to overlay a structure of credibility and quality when interfacing with the family’s enterprises, existing professionals, and the public. FBO administrators hold weekly meetings to discuss and resolve current matters and strategize on implementing future goals for each family we represent.

In addition to frequent interaction with the family on a wide range of topics, FBO offers expert advice in areas of:

• Succession planning
• Generational wealth transfer
• Business strategies
• Investment analysis
• Entity structuring
• Real estate transactions
• Stock redemptions
• Analysis and formation of legal documents
• Estate Planning

Through our professional resources, FBO offers our clients access to quality representation in:

• Advanced estate planning/Generational wealth transfer
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Sale of family businesses
• Tax advice and strategies
• Human resource consulting
• Executive compensation structures
• Litigation support
• Creating and funding family foundations
• Philanthropy
• Family Law
• Intellectual Property